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The Best mobile app development company in Sydney Australia

Android penetration is on the rise and in Australia it is around 55%, 73% in India and 80% worldwide. Smartphone sales have outclassed all desktops combined together. Today everyone is on the move and naturally Smartphone is the only one around to work on. No wonder mobility and mobile apps have risen to the top and command users’ attention.

Apps take businesses to new levels and whichever brand provides the best user experience tops the sales charts. Obviously, each brand guns for getting the app on each and every platform and looks forward for specialists who can deliver the best and in time.

So what are the requisites, you may wonder. And what it takes to excel in app design is a closely guarded secret no one discloses. Magetrue is one of the pioneers in this technology and is fully geared to serve the industry. We are the best mobile app development company in Sydney, Australia and serving the whole world.

Why our Mobile Apps Delight End-users?

Every project is a team work and after discussing the project with you, our team identifies which section of our 11-pronged team will work on it and then the tasks are divided. We nurture and believe in the following:

  • Your App need not be a Swiss Army Knife
    Clients often think they need an app that can do everything. But apps should only do a few things perfectly. A sound strategy helps you avoid building a Swiss Army knife when you really need is a steak knife.
  • It's about your users, not you
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in the case of your app, it’s your users. We design dynamic experiences for real people.
  • Eye-catching Design
    Good design is only the first part of crafting a good user experience. We’ll work with you first to understand exactly who your audience is, and what your project objectives are. We see design and user-experience as critical to the monetization of your development project.
  • It's about your users, not you
    A user-centric approach to design spells success. The design, experience and usability provided by the app should resonate with target-audience for which it is developed. For us, the first one is functionality and the form and once you have selected the first features the app consist of, we ensure that flow from one feature to another is as smooth as a whistle.

Our navigation is intuitive which minimizes the learning curve for the user. Referred as User Experience or UX our designs enhance the user satisfaction on usability and accessibility.

Next is UI or User Design Interface which understands who the visitor is: age, gender and geographical location and accordingly the app will change its interface.


We Keep you Abreast of Latest Technological Changes

Today the technology is changing at a rapid pace and keeping in sync is slightly difficult. Our marketing experts know all the nuances of these changes and keep you aware of the easiest terms. With you in the loop it is easy to understand how to face these challenges and setting up becomes as smooth as a whistle. Fore warned is fore armed and then no competitor can threaten your progress.

Why Choose Us

We strive for long term relations and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality. Our employees stick with us as we pay competitive remunerations and hence none of our developers consider the grass greener on the other side.

Minimal Charges with easy portability

We charge a fraction of what our competitors demand. Once your first app is launched, we will port the same on other platforms and again the cost is minimal. We will have your mobile phone app in Apple iTunes and Google Play stores and in HTML5. We will also make your app iPad/tablet and other display compatible.

Continued Engagement

Feedback paves the way for better functionality. We continue our talks with you and your customers in an easy way to test out our app’s functionalities. We only offer the most sought after app features to benefit your business and customers. This makes sure your customers keep on returning and also gain many new ones.

Integrated Content Management System

Once the prototype is ready, you can gain access to our fully integrated world class Content Management System where you can log in and send push notifications, suggest us to update your app functions or easily demand a new app function inside your own app.

Take up Unfinished or Abandoned Projects

If you have an existing app and the original developers have abandoned, we can get hop on it ourselves and take it further. Possibly you've already got wireframes and designs and you just need the technical parts put together.

Or you may even have done the brainstorming with an idea and now you're looking for someone to lead you through the entire process from strategy and design to development of apps, you can depend on us to make it a success.

If any part of your plan involves a mobile app - you've come to the right place.

Magetrue is eager to work with you and believes that together, we can reach greater heights.


Start mobile app development Sydney to explore your bussiness.